Crafting a new brand and website for a Broadband internet company that is enhancing accessibility in the outdoors

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Project Overview

AccessParks’ founders developed the first broadband-speed internet for hundreds of military bases worldwide. Turns out, their solution for providing broadband internet to remote areas for the military worked perfectly for outdoor locations like National Parks, camp and RV sites. While I was on the Four Fin team, we partnered with AccessParks to craft a new brand and website that communicated their mission and spoke to their two distinct audiences.


As the only provider of broadband-speed wireless to remote outdoor locations, AccessParks was quickly gaining contracts with national parks and private parks throughout the US. A few weeks before a big investor pitch, AccessParks came to the Four Fin design team looking for strategic and creative ways to communicate their offerings to potential clients while also addressing the larger public with potential concerns about preserving the park experience.


Fast-speed broadband provides an invaluable service to all park-goers: accessibility. Our team worked with AccessParks to focus their new brand on the emotional and accessibility benefits of bringing fast-speed internet to remote locations. In less than a month, we created a new brand, responsive website, and marketing campaign that demystified their broadband service and spoke directly to their major audiences – park operators, park owners, and park goers.

Additional Credits:
Four Fin Creative, Agency Jen Derks, Creative Director Hillery Kemp, Brand Strategist Michael Chandler, Illustrator