Realigning a non-profit with their mission and setting the course for growth

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Coast2Coast is a non-profit based in Lobitos, Peru that facilitates participatory media and storytelling workshops for local youth in small coastal communities. I partnered with Coast2Coast to facilitate a brand strategy workshop to help them reflect and redefine their growing organization.


Coast2Coast was founded in 2014 by Nico and Emi – combining their passions and skills to create a movement to teach and support local youth. Their founding team had now grown to a small group of creatives- artists, activists, surfers, and community organizers – all passionate about social and ecological challenges facing indigenous coastal communities. I partnered with their team to run a week-long strategy session to recalibrate their expanding organization and team.


During our brand strategy workshop, we took a step back to reflect and realign with the team’s goals and understanding of their organization and their brand. Together, we crafted a new mission and worked to create a vision that encompassed their broadening sphere of projects. The new strategy aligned with the original vision created from the core founders but also included space for the organization’s new leaders and growth of the movement beyond workshops.

Additional Credits:
Nicolas Landa, Co-Founder Emi Koch, Co-Founder Luana Letts, Team Member