Lonely Whale

Partnering with Lonely Whale, a non-profit committed to driving change for a healthy and thriving ocean

Visual Designer
Branding Visual Design Support

I was first introduced to Lonely Whale because they required some graphic design assistance. This relationship flourished into a design partnership as they expressed interest in a more permanent visual design and branding collaborator. Some of the projects we have collaborated on so far range from brand guidelines to social media campaigns to their 2020 Gift Guide.

Gift Guide

One of my favorite Lonely Whale projects to date was designing a visual identity for Lonely Whale’s 2020 Sustainable Gift Guide. After creating a visual identity inspired by the colors and magic of the deep sea, I brought the new identity to life with visuals for the Lonely Whale website, social media, email newsletters, and printed materials for the Lonely Whale Gift Box.

Additional Credits:
Lonely Whale Team