Ocean Heroes Network

Guiding user experience in an increasingly virtual Ocean Network

Product Designer Front-End Developer
UX/ UI Design UX Research Web Development

Project Overview

Following the global pandemic, Ocean Heroes Network made the decision to move all of their regional and global bootcamps to a virtual platform. Ocean Heroes Network facilitates a number of programs, primarily their bootcamps, for youth leaders around the world. Now, after a second year of virtual bootcamps, the Ocean Heroes team wanted to create a more seamless user experience for their users, new and old.

The Process

Together with a team from the two founding organizations of Ocean Heroes, Lonely Whale and Captain Planet Foundation, we conducted usability tests to identify key areas that we wanted to focus on the onboarding process.

Because of the speed of the project we created rapid concepts and usability tests to rethink the site architecture and user experience of the youth seeking to attend a virtual bootcamp.

Bootcamp Today

We were able take some of our learning from UX to make recommendations for the current onboarding flow, plus recommendations on how to make the current website more user-friendly (responsive, accessible, adaptive, consistent, etc.). In addition to UX, we started on defining an evolving design system with the new branding that could be applied across all Ocean Hero websites.

Additional Credits:
Dune Ives (CEO, Lonely Whale), Leesa Carter (President, Captain Planet Foundation), Courtney Kimmel (VP, Captain Planet Foundation), Emy Kane (Director of Social, Lonely Whale), Ylimay Zavala (Designer, Lonely Whale), Bonnie Hester( UX Researcher)