Building a brand with recognizable environmental design touchpoints in Redwood City

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Project Brief

RCIA is made up of property owners, residents, community members, and businesses of downtown Redwood City who are working to improve and promote their community. While I was at Four Fin, we teamed up with Olive PR to create a new brand identity for RCIA and map out design opportunities throughout the downtown area.


RCIA lacked a cohesive brand for the numerous safety, maintenance, and beautification projects they were developing throughout their community. Our goal was to create a visual identity that accurately reflected the diversity and vibrance of the Redwood City downtown community. We conducted a walkthrough of the downtown area with Olive PR and key Board Members of RCIA to learn more about the community, take documentation of current RCIA projects, and map out design opportunities in the downtown area.


The flexible identity system of the RCIA brand allowed for a playful execution of the design across many touchpoints. The flexible design kept the brand engaging and fresh while ensuring brand recognition and consistency of look and feel. We expanded the new brand into the physical space, identifying key environmental design opportunities in the downtown —  art installations, signage, and bike racks.  The new identity system served as a foundation for the committee to serve, promote, and frame the residents and businesses of downtown Redwood City.

Additional Credits:
Four Fin Creative, Design Agency Olive Creative Strategies, PR Agency Jen Derks, Creative Director Hillery Kemp, Brand Strategist