Trestle Build

Conveying a developer’s purpose for creating affordable urban housing

Brand Designer Web Designer
Brand Identity Design Brand Guide Branded Collateral Website Wireframes/Visual Styling

Project Overview

Uniquely focused on the human side of real estate development, Trestle Build uses creative strategies to develop affordable housing in urban locations. Securing their reputation as a leader in affordable housing development in San Diego, Trestle recognized that their current brand wasn’t effectively communicating their mission.

Challenge/ Story

We teamed up with Trestle for a two-week-long Four Fin Brand Sessions, a design-sprint focused on brand strategy and design. During the first week of strategy, the strategy team uncovered the core vision behind Trestle – Accessible Urbanism. Using this core concept, I flushed out a new visual identity that aligned with the updated brand strategy.


Trestle Build created accessible urban living for a diverse community and incomes. We refreshed the Trestle visual identity to better align with the company’s mission and created a visual style guide, website wireframes + styling, and copy queues for their web development team to quickly implement.

Additional Credits:
Four Fin (Design Studio) Jen Derks (Creative Director) Jess Winet (Project Manager)